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SCI-MX XPlode Hardcore Pre Workout Review

SCI-MX XPlode Hardcore Pre Workout Review

What SCI-MX say about their product – ‘The market leader in pre-workout performance. Not just a pot of sugar, caffeine and mysterious herbs like its rivals. X-PLODE contains muscle pre-load amino acids, pump stimulators and sustained energy boosters. Turbo-charges your workout without the after-crash of inferior equivalents.’


The Science behind the product

BOOSTS TRAINING POWER: Guarana helps to reduce perceived exertion and effort during exercise.

INCREASES ALERTNESS: Optimum caffeine content helps increase alertness before and during training.

ANTI MUSCLE-FATIGUE: Arginine helps maintain normal ammonia clearance to prevent muscle failure.

AMINO ACID MATRIX: Contains beta-alanine, glutamine, taurine, lysine, citrulline malate and tyrosine.


In this article I will review the main factors of a pre-workout supplement. Please note that this review is based on my own experiences and opinions and that other people may respond differently to the ingredients of this supplement.

Taste – 8/10

Xplode Hardcore is available in two flavours: Orange and Blackcurrant. Although I’d usually opt for the Blackcurrant flavour, on this occasion of purchasing only Orange was available. If you have tried a pre-workout supplement before you pretty much know what to expect flavour wise, tangy, sweet and face scrunching! This supplement however was much less sour tasting than other pre-workout supplements I have tried.

Mixability – 8/10

I generally don’t have a problem with pre-workout supplement mixability, however there is one down side to this supplement that i think belongs in the ‘mixability’ category. Don’t use in a transparent shaker! The supplement has turned a few of my shakers Orange, not really a major issue for me but if you would prefer to keep your shakers as they are, I suggest buying a coloured one.

Energy – 10/10

The energy increase from this supplement is great and surprisingly fast acting. It’s usually recommended to take a pre-workout supplement around 30 minutes before you train, I felt the affects of Xplode after just 10 minutes of consuming! The tingling sensation caused by any supplement with Beta Alanine in is usually what i noticed first. I felt completely energised throughout cardio workouts (usually around 45 mins) and weight training workouts (usually around 60 mins). I experienced no crash at any point during a workout and even felt like I required less rest between sets, recovery from a set felt a lot quicker that usual.


Pump – 6/10

Experiencing a good pump from a pre-workout supplement is rare for me, however before I purchased this supplement I did read a number of reviews confirming people did experience a good pump from SCI-MX X-plode. Please bare in mind my rating of muscle pump from this supplement may be inaccurate for other people.

Focus – 9/10

Another positive of SCI-MX X-Plode Hardcore is the focus and concentration it gave me during a workout. As mentioned previously, I was that focused on my training and eager to move on to the next set/exercise I was having to force myself to take sufficient rest between sets.

Price – 7/10

SCI-MX X-Plode Hardcore is one of the more expensive pre-workout supplements on the market at around £30 a tub. However, SCI-MX regularly have good discounts and offers available on their website to make this supplement a more affordable option. In my opinion the price tag is justified by the benefits of this supplement.

Overall Rating – 8/10

In my opinion this pre-workout supplement is right up there with some of the best on the market, it provides everything I need for an optimal workout. If you can afford the slightly higher price tag then SCI-MX XPlode Hardcore is definitely worth trying. My dosage of X-Plode has been 1 scoop for the first 2 weeks and then increased to 1.5 scoops as I built up a slight tolerance. This has allowed enough of the stimulant profile to have a solid effect on me without any dramatic decrease in performance over the course of 4 weeks.

Before ingesting this product you should consult your doctor if you are not aware of your current health status. This review is purely from my own experiences while taking the product, other people may respond differently to the ingredients of this supplement.

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