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NEW – MuscleFood Free Range Whey Protein 85 Concentrate

NEW – MuscleFood Free Range Whey Protein 85 Concentrate

MuscleFood have produced a brand new Free Range Whey Protein 85 Concentrate Protein Powder that could quite possibly be one of the purest forms of protein available on the market. Their aim was to provide a protein powder that gives you more protein per serving than any other Whey Protein 80 product.

If you’re not familiar with what the number 80 actually means on the end of your protein powder its actually quite simple, 80 refers to the level of the protein that is in the ingredient. MuscleFood have produced a protein powder that has 85% protein per serving but at no extra cost.

As with all their products MuscleFood have made a big deal about how pure and natural their product is. Whey Protein 85 is produced from Free Range, Grass Fed, Hormone free cattle with 100% natural flavours, NO SOY and sweetened with VitaFiber™, the ‘secret’ ingredient in Quest Bars.

On top off all that Free Range Whey Protein 85 Concentrate is available in a selection of mouth-watering flavours – Cherry Bakewell, Chocolate Milk, Cookies and Cream, Strawberries and Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream. The powder is also available in 250g bags so you can give it a try without spending too much, or even buy multiple flavours!

MuscleFood are that confident that you will love this product, they are offering a money back guarantee. Simply try one serving, and if it is not for you return the remaining contents for a full refund PLUS a £10 Muscle Food voucher.

You can get further information or purchase this product from here. Check out our latest MuscleFood discount codes and special offers here


Free Range Whey Protein 85 Concentrate Nutritional Information

Free Range Whey Protein 85 Concentrate

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