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Medi Evil Nutrition Warfare Review – Pre Workout

Medievil Nutrition Warfare

Medievil Nutrition Warfare










          • Gives a fantastic energy boost.
          • Competitively priced
          • Great tasting
          • Contains effective ingredients


          • Not available at many shops

          Let me start off this Medi evil Nutrition Warfare review by saying this is the best pre workout supplement I’ve tried yet. To date, there isn’t one other review on this website that has received a 10/10 rating. I have to honest, before trying this supplement I wasn’t familiar with the brand ‘Medievil Nutrition’. In fact, the main reason I gave Medi evil Nutrition Warfare pre workout a go was due to the incredible offer I came across. I managed to pick up two tubs of 30 servings for just £25 from Monster Supplements!

          Pre workout supplement’s primary function is to assist your workouts by increasing your energy levels and physical performance. There are a few different ingredients in Medi evil Nutrition Warfare. In this review we will go through each ingredient and it’s benefits to your workout performance. As I have tried and tested this product first hand, I will also share my own personal experience’s of taking this supplement.

          Medi evil Nutrition Warfare Ingredients

          What’s in Medi evil Nutrition Warfare pre workout and how does it work? Here’s a brief insight to all the ingredients and the ffects they can have.


          Each 5g serving includes 150mg of Caffeine. Caffeine is primarily responsible for the energy boost in pre workout supplements. The caffeine content of this pre workout is fairly high. If we compare to our last review, Reflex Pre workout contained 125mg per 10g serving. Always be aware of how much caffeine you are consuming throughout the day along with a pre workout supplement.


          Each 5g serving includes 1.5g of Beta-Alanine. This ingredient is one of my personal favourites. Beta Alanine is famous, or in some cases infamous for the tingling sensation some people experience. If you haven’t taken a pre workout supplement before, then this sensation can be quite strange at first. In my experience, as my body gets used to Beta-Alanine dosage the tingling sensation begins to wear off. Beta-Alanine is solid ingredient for pre workout supplements as it helps delay tiredness and assists with high-intensity exercises.

          Citrulline Malate

          Each 5g serving includes 800mg of Citrulline Malate. Most pre workout supplements include the amino acid – Citrulline Malate. Citrulline Malate is believed to improve training performance by combating fatigue during high-intensity exercise. It is also said to increase energy production, which is another great benefit of this ingredient.


          Even though Arginine’s supposed benefits remain contested it is still a very popular ingredient in pre workout supplements.  According to a few articles I’ve read on Arginine It can aid training by Increasing nitric oxide production, leading to improved strength, endurance, recovery, and muscle gain. Medi Evil Nutrition Warfare includes 1.5g of Arginine.


          Niacin is a form of Vitamin B3. B vitamins reduce tiredness and fatigue during your workout. Medi Evil Nutrition Warfare includes 50mg of Niacin.

          Panax Ginseng

          Ginseng may increase strength, mental performance and energy during your workouts. It is also said that Ginseng can boost overall cardiac function.

          Beetroot Extract

          Beetroot extract is a popular ingredient in many pre workout formulas I come across. This particular ingredient helps to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in the blood stream which in turn, helps to regulate blood flow and improve oxygen delivery during exercise. 

          Our review…


          Fruity/tangy flavours are generally what pre workout supplements are available in. Medi Evil Nutrition Warfare is available in – Watermelon, Citrus and Raspberry. I bought both tubs in Raspberry flavour and It tasted as good as a pre workout supplement can do. Mixability was fine, the powder dissolved instantly.

          Energy & Focus

          MediEvil Warfare gets a straight 10/10 for energy. The energy increase from this supplement seemed to kick in pretty quickly, usually within 15 minutes. I generally only use pre workout supplements for weight training, usually lasting for around 60 minutes. I felt fully fueled with energy for the duration of my workout, sometimes with enough in the tank for a little cardio afterwards.


          Muscle Pump was something I rarely used to experience with pre workout supplements. However, I felt incredible muscle pumps while training on MediEvil Warfare. I am a firm believer that good muscle pumps usually depend on the kind of workout. In my experience training with higher rep range, less rest periods or super-setting usually provides a great pump. I must admit, after recently finishing off my last tub of Medi Evil Warfare, my muscle pumps haven’t been the same!


          As mentioned earlier, I managed to get a mega deal on Medi Evil Warfare pre workout from Monster Supplements. 2 tubs for just £25 was an absolute no brainer. However Medi Evil Warfare pre workout is still competitively priced at just £20 at most supplement companies. Check out all our latest pre workout supplement voucher codes here.

          Before ingesting this product you should consult your doctor if you are not aware of your current health status. This review is purely from my own experiences while taking the product, you may respond differently to the ingredients of this supplement

          Medi Evil Nutrition Warfare Pre Workout Review


          Summary If you haven't already read this review then, in short, this an incredible pre workout supplement! I got everything I could possibly get out of a pre workout formula, I highly recommend you give it a try!


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