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Month: June 2017

Calorie Tracker Excel – Track Calories & Macros

Initially, put this calorie tracker Excel spread sheet together for personal use only. It’s been an extremely useful tool in my mission for fat loss so I decided to share it with you guys. Let me give you a run down on how this spreadsheet can be useful for either weight loss or bulking. Firstly, this spreadsheet can only be used with a linear diet plan. Linear dieting is simply hitting the same calorie and macronutrient targets everyday. I have done the carb cycling and fasting diets before and from personal experience, they have been no more effective that...

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Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout Review

Welcome to our Reflex Nutrition pre workout review. The first port of call is to learn a bit about the brand itself. Reflex Nutrition have been present in the supplement market since 1996 and aim to provide the world’s best supplements. Reflex Nutrition manufacturer every one of their own supplements on site at the Reflex Science Park. Impressively, the Science Park is powered entirely by 100% Deep Green Energy. Not only is their facility run on clean energy, Reflex Nutrition Pre Workout also won Men’s Health cleanest Pre Workout supplement. Reflex Nutrition are a well-known brand world-wide and have...

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